We are glad that you are looking into Renaissance. We are a small, very relationship oriented church. God has called us to himself in the gospel, to relationship with one another in community, then to bear witness to his kingdom in our city. We hope that you find joy and life in the gospel we preach and seek to live, that you find a home in our community life, and you find a sense of purpose in our collective calling to be about the mission and fame of God in this place. 

What to Expect…

When visiting Renaissance you’ll find that we preach the transformational gospel of Jesus Christ unapologetically in our God-centered worship services. Our desire in all that we do is to bring glory to God. We hope you will join us for our Sunday night worship service and (more importantly) that you will choose to make Renaissance your home church. You’ll learn we’re not perfect; but fortunately, we have been saved by the One who is.

What Happens at the Worship Gathering?

The layout of a typical worship gathering consists of:

  1. Opening scripture reading,  singing in response.
  2. A sermon from the Bible where Jesus is always the hero
  3. Singing in response to what we have just heard about the Gospel
  4. Communion/baptisms (depending on that week’s service)


We have two main parking areas that surround our renting space (Provencher Community Church) and also parking along the side streets close in proximity to the building.  Definitely arrive with a few minutes to spare as we can’t predict how the traffic pattern will happen from week to week.

Worship Center

When you enter the building from the front entrance main doors, the Worship Center is located directly below you on the basement level.  We will have plenty of people to welcome you, direct you, and ensure that you’re well hydrated with a great cup of coffee.


If You Have Children

Check out our Kids Church page for more information.


What Do I Wear?

What clothing you wear to Renaissance is not the important thing – and we have people wearing anything from shorts, flip-flops and a t-shirt to business casual.  Honestly, our focus is not on what we are wearing, but rather the teaching, worship and praise of Jesus Christ.

Additional Information Available

  • Stop by our “Welcome Table” on the way in to find out more about what Renaissance is about.


Come to a worship gathering, come to a Community Group. It is so hard to evaluate any church on the basis of one or even two visits. We are a community that embraces those who are exploring Christianity, those who are committed Christians, those who are trying to recover a sense of a connection to God that they had in the past. It is a place for the skeptical, the curious, the doubter, the committed, the wounded, and the worshipper. We don't believe that we have it all together, nor is that the point. God calls us into relationship with Christ, and more than anything else, that's what we want our church to be about: delighting in Jesus in worship; discovering Jesus in community, and displaying Jesus' kingdom in our lives.