Beginning in January 2016, Pastor Phil Kernaghan will lead Renaissance Church through a series which will explore the various Parables spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ. Please feel welcome to join us and check back here for the sermon audio.

The Sermon on the Mount is the teaching of Jesus to his disciples found in Matthew’s Gospel, chapters 5-7. This sermon has exerted an enormous influence upon the world, both for Christians and non-Christians alike. While many often limit the sermon to the Beatitudes that begin it, for the Christian it is at once the most condensed and complete theology of Jesus Christ. 

 In this sermon Jesus shows his disciples what he wants them to be and to do. Our response, beyond profoundly impacting our own lives, will influence and prayerfully change the world to which we are called as his ambassadors. 

Why would we celebrate Advent? Advent is an intentional discipline that helps us remember the real significance of the arrival of our Savior. This is done in the midst of a constant barrage of advertising that focuses on what the rest of our culture has redefined Christmas to be. Our tradition proclaims the Coming of Christ both as an event already accomplished in human history – the babe in Bethlehem, and an event moving toward fulfillment in the future – the Second Coming. 

Join us this year at Renaissance as we look at the response of five individuals in Scripture to the news divinely imparted to them, that arrival of the promised Savior was at hand. Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and Simeon all provide an insight into the profound impact the Savior’s arrival made in their lives, and the significance his arrival had for the world. Their responses can help us refocus our celebration to his arrival in our own lives, and refresh our anticipation of his return.