Pastor Phil begins our look at Advent with a view of Zechariah's response to the angel Gabriel reveling to him that he and his barren wife Elisabeth would bare a son and how he responds to the birth of Christ.

Jesus' mother Mary's song infamously titled the Magnificat is looked at by deacon Graeme. We discuss the significance of her reaction and how our worship magnifies the Lord.

In this passage, it is insightful to whom the first announcement of Jesus' arrival was given to and by whom. There is no doubt here as to the proper response, and clearly the shepherds got it! The angels give them the message, declaring to the world "Fear not!"

Pastor Phil examines the significance of Simeon's response, that being that he was not told by an angel but by the Holy Spirit. Also significant, is the scope of salvation (fulfilling the goal God had for Israel from the beginning), and the prophecy that not all in Israel would welcome this message.